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Photos: Jack Hinks Photography
Poster Design: Bex Bidgood

welcome to
james stedman

James is a Leith-based theatre maker and poet with over a decade's experience writing, producing and performing heartfelt work with a gently comic, queer edge.

In his work he enjoys juggling the rhythm and fairytale of the everyday

and refracting wider social issues through that prism.

He is currently working on new scripted and devised projects

with particular focus on class, mental health and queerness.

Click the links below to discover more about previous and upcoming work.



Watch Now

Available here on YouTube.

Who are we to our parents? Our kids? Our siblings? Our friends? Everyone sees us as someone else.

With the death of her ex-husband and her children all grown up and starting families of their own, Carol starts to wonder who she is to herself.

Through a series of poignant and gently comic duologues,
You know Carol...follows her as she attempts to reconnect with friends and family and find her own place in the world.


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