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Who are we to our parents? Our kids? Our siblings? Our friends?

Everyone sees us as someone else.

With the death of her ex-husband and her children all grown up and starting families of their own, Carol starts to wonder who she is to herself.

Through a series of poignant and gently comic duologues, You know Carol...follows her as she attempts to reconnect with friends and family and find her own place in the world.

All episodes available below and on YouTube.

You know Carol - Episode 8 - Carol, Carol
You know Carol - Episode 7 - Louise's Friend
You know Carol - Episode 6 - Ryan's Grandmother
You know Carol - Episode 5 - Peggy's Daughter
You know Carol - Episode 4 - Jackie's Sister
You know Carol - Episode 3 - Matthew's ex-wife

The cast

Who knows Carol?

Carol - Danny O'Hara

Ciaran, Carol's son - Michael Southgate

Katie, Carol's niece - Izzy Rees

Matthew, Carol's ex-husband - David John

Jackie, Carol's sister - Lucy Woodcock

Peggy, Carol's mum - Jane Bower

Ryan, Carol's grandson - Arden John

Louise, Carol's friend - Lindsey McAuley

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You Know Carol Social Media Icon.jpg

Danny O'Hara


Danny is a theatre maker, director, producer and improviser.  Danny makes theatrical happenings with people of all ages and is particularly passionate about the arts in the community. Often specialising in large, outside, promenade theatrical happenings, involving people from outside the industry, Danny loves to make happenings set in places where theatre is not normal, such as inner-city housing blocks.   In direct response to the Covid lockdown, Danny is currently producing an online International Creative Lab, with artists from across the globe, directing a new work, to open at the Brighton Fringe Festival, and is in preparation with Bendy House Improv for the summer Edinburgh Fringe show.
Danny is Artistic Director at Slow Theatre Company and is part of the team at Louise Orwin & Co.

Michael smiling trees.jpg

Michael Southgate

Ciaran - Carol's son

Michael is an actor and film-maker, adept in a variety of roles both 'in-front' and 'behind camera'. Whilst working predominately in independent film, he has also made appearances in ITV's 'Grantchester', Mike Leigh's 'Peterloo' and most recently Sky's 'Brave New World'. Michael studied Media & Drama at Anglia Ruskin University and has acted in several student/amateur Cambridge theatre productions, including director Richard McNally's play 'Seven Words for Love'.  

Izzy's image.jpeg

Izzy Rees

Katie - Carol's niece

Izzy has had great fun playing Katie, though likes to think she’s handling her own pregnancy a little better than her character! Most recent theatre credits include The Wind In the Willows and War of the Worlds, as well as virtual projects in lockdown acting over Zoom with WRITEON and contributing to the Bawds’ podcasts.


David John

Matthew - Carol's

David trained as an actor in Vancouver, Canada, in the 90s. Since relocating to Cambridge in 2015 (and when not locked down at home), he has been active in the local theatre scene, primarily as an actor and occasionally as a director. On weekdays, David works as a semiconductor physicist and applied mathematician.

Lucy Woodcock.jpg

Lucy Woodcock

Jackie - Carol's sister

Lucy has been acting in amateur theatre since her twenties (a loooong time ago!). She has been involved for many years in productions with Fulbourn’s Saint John’s Players, with parts ranging from ‘Mother’ in Cider with Rosie to Abigail Williams in The Crucible. Since 2017 Lucy has also performed in Cambridge City, her most recent live performance being in The 39 Steps at The ADC theatre  in 2019. Lucy was thrilled to be chosen to take part in this filmed production of original material.

Jane Bower headshot.jpg

Jane Bower

Peggy - Carol's mum

Jane Bower is a published writer and professional actress, creating solo shows on the lives of remarkable individuals. She is a retired specialist teacher of art, drama, dance and creative writing. She taught children aged 4-11 for forty years and was an associate lecturer at Cambridge University’s Faculty of Education.


Arden John

Ryan - Carol's grandson

Arden was born in Canada and moved to Cambridge in 2015. He has starred in multiple student short films in the Netherlands and 'The Girl In The Glass" at the ADC Theatre.

Lindsey McAuley.png

Lindsey McAuley

Louise - Carol's friend

Lindsey’s stage debut at the age of six was playing the part of a snake … she has never looked back! Lindsey has written for, and performed with, WRiTEON and has published several short plays.  She is a professional role-player and teaches drama to adults with learning difficulties which currently take place via Zoom!

Workshopped version of Episode 1

Social media Carol.jpg
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