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New Podcast!

The Ministry of Unplanned Occurrences are stupid happy to announce a new occasional podcast. Inspired by our theatre show 'Occupational Hazards', these comedy shorts take a heartfelt, but sideways look at the characters and conundrums of working life - wherever that may be!

The Ministry of Unplanned Occurrences

Carla Keen, James Stedman, Erica Dupuy, Mark Whitehouse

Creators of moment-specific theatre

Formed in December 2017, The Ministry of Unplanned Occurrences devise and perform around 4 completely new theatre shows a year.
We make moment-specific theatre, using the tools of improvisation to create character-centred shows full of heartfelt humour, unique for each audience.
See below for a list of our shows or click the image for the full Ministry site.

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All shows are completely improvised
Below is a list of our shows to date

Each set of shows delves into particular worlds to investigate different stories and

the nature of what it means to be human.

In non-Covid times, as well as performing at various venues and festivals around the country, our regular home is Cambridge's Corpus Playroom.

Since March we have moved online and have been producing shows via Zoom.

Home brew.jpg

Home Brew

Spring 2021

This is an interactive Zoom-based show where we take inspiration from the stories behind the mugs that folk bring along with them. Building a network of characters over a number of scenes, that the audience can chat to, the story develops from the interplay of players and viewers.

The Studio Apartment.jpg

The Studio Apartment

Summer 2020

This is an online version of our theatre show The Apartment, specially adapted for Zoom. In it we explore what happens when people live together. The foibles and frustrations, the fights and the friendships. Amongst other things, we performed this show as part of Moscow International Improv Festival.


It's about time

April 2020

Originally due to be performed in person, when the Covid lockdown made this impossible, we quickly re-devised the show for an online audience. Performed as a set of interlocking monologues we explored perceptions of time and how that impacts our relationships with the world and each other.

Are we there yet.jpg

Are we there yet?

December 2019

Looking at both physical journeys as well as the metaphorical ones we take in life through the lens of the liminal spaces of travel - train stations, airports, bus stops and much more - this piece offered another humorous take on human relationships.

_Apt Cover.jpg

The Apartment

Septmber 2019

Taking inspiration each evening from a different paint chart name, this show weaves together the interlocking stories of people who live next to each other in an apartment block. The foibles and frustrations, the fights and the friendships.
I guess you're not really supposed to have favourites, but I absolutely adored playing this show!

Occ Haz.jpg

Occupational Hazards

July 2019

Any workplace has its fair share of characters and ours were no exception. Taking a different work environment each evening, this piece explored the occupational hazards of working - and playing - together.


Twisted Tales

April 2019

What if Red Riding Hood lived down the street and Grandma's house was in the middle of a retirement village instead of the deep dark forest? What if Snow White discovered her prince wasn't all he was cracked up to be? What if the frog was just a frog?
Taking inspiration from fairy tales, this piece explored what the stories we tell ourselves say about us.

WHTT crop.jpg

What happened to tomorrow?

December 2018

For this piece we took a sneaky peak at our future, and asked what if? With the technology of today being undreamed of 50 years ago, what dreams - and maybe even nightmares - could we expect in 50, 100 or 1000 years time? And what would that mean for us as people?

Gods and Monsters.jpg

Gods and Monsters

July 2018

What were the gods of ancient Greece or the trolls of Norway or the Cornish pixies actually thinking? Who were their mates? How would they handle supermarkets? And did they ever just long to curl up in front of the tele with a nice cuppa? In this whimsical show, we endeavouted to find out.


The Penultimate Destiny of New Londinium

April 2018

In a steampunk world, where old fashioned technology powers the future and comes up against modern mores, this show takes you on a journey through old New Londinium and the vibrant characters and incredible intrigues you meet along the way.

Guest starring Alan Hay


All the things you have ever lost

January 2018

Our inaugural show!
The pennies down the back of the sofa, the sock MIA in the washing machine, the car keys that you swore were on the coffee table. This fast-paced show rummaged through the lost property of our lives to discover heartwarming and humorous stories of the things that go missing.

Check out our YouTube channel to see a selection of some of these performances.

When possible, The Ministry of Unplanned Occurrences also run monthly community shows and workshops.

Ministry of Unplanned Occurrences artwork designed by Carla Keen

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