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Butterfly Effect

25th May-4th June 2016
Corpus Playroom

Butterfly Effect was a play written collaboratively between 11 writers and staged over 9 nights at the Corpus Playroom in Cambridge in 2016.

A tragedy at a playground has unforeseen consequences for everyone present.

Following the ripples leading up to and after the event, this piece explores their interwoven lives and the possibilities of chance, cause and effect.

I contributed two scenes for this piece, 'Melissa and Clare'

and the finale, 'Thunder'.

This was a gorgeous project to work on and the first time my writing had appeared as part of a full-length play.

Head writer - Kim Komljanec

Director - Richard McNally

Contributing writers - Julia Bolden, David Lambert, Rachel Mariner, Richard Peoples, Trish Rawson, James Stedman, 

Melanie Taylor, Sue Whitney, Philip Webb Gregg

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