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other work

A selection of my other writing and some additional projects I have been lucky enough to have been involved with

Moonlight and Dominoes


Part of Scene at the Museum 2018

A cat with a crutch sits at a vanity table getting ready to go out, whilst a rag doll embroiders by the fire. The two friends reminisce about how they got here and what the future might hold.

The Clock in

the Hall


Part of Wimpole Hall Fringe History Festival 2017

The clock has stopped for William and Charlie. What makes their relationship tick? What does tomorrow hold for them?

Party Night


Written by historian and playwright Sean Lang and starring Izzy Rees. Set in 1979 and based on a true story, this tense two-hander told the tale of a man who's seemingly perfect life is nothing but a complex fantasy - and the fatal consequences when his wife finds him out.

Performed at both Cambridge and Welwyn drama festivals, as well as two-night runs in Cambridge and Surbiton.

Blonde Moment

Cast (Improviser)

With Carla Keen. A two person improvised sketch show based on lost property. Initially performed at the queer improv festival Zeal. This went on to form the basis of the larger theatre show All the things you have ever lost.

Paper Planes

Cast (Improviser)

Paper Planes were a musical improv troupe who performed a range of improvised musicals between 2013 and 2017, primarily for 3 night runs at the Corpus Playroom.
I always thought I couldn't sing and then I joined these lovely folk and discovered a wee sliver of a voice and the absolute joy of belting out a beautiful number - all made up on the spot!

Riot at the Bus Stop

Co-founder / Cast (Improviser)

Riot at the Bus Stop were a troupe performing improvised plays. Our main show was Fragmenstory, where we looked at the events and relationships in a group of characters' lives through dipping into scenes from their past, present and future.
The show also had a week's run at Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2015.

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