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You's a wrap

You know…It’s a wrap

So, 4 and half months after You know Carol first put down roots in the form of a one-off piece called You know Carol…Ciaran’s mum for WRiTEON’s Zoomologues series and then grew and blossomed as Carol kept gabbing in my ear, today we wrapped filming on the last of the eight 10-minute episodes. Somewhat fittingly, due to various logistical and timetabling considerations, we finished where we started - Episode 1 You know Carol…Ciaran’s mum.

Over this last (kind of intense!) month of filming, we have also met Katie…Carol’s niece, Matthew…Carol’s ex-husband, Jackie…Carol’s sister, Peggy…Carol’s mum, Ryan…Carol’s grandson, Louise…Carol’s friend and of course Carol herself. You know Carol…Carol, Carol.

Enormous thanks to all the talented cast for their hard work, dedication and amazing performances. Thanks also to the amazing skill of director Richard McNally, beautifully interpreting the text, settling the cast and bringing out the very best in them.

The film and audio are now heading off to our post-production team Michael and Josh to work their technical magic on – balancing sound, optimising visuals, making sure the music and credit sequences work together, incorporating the beautiful opening titles from Carla Keen, as well as myriad other things - all ready for the premiere on 20th March.

We have had unbelievable fun making this series with every rehearsal and filming session being both super-professional with moving characterisation, as well as full of joy and laughs, which we can’t wait to share with you.

In the meantime, keep an eye on this page for more behind-the-scenes tidbits, profiles of the cast and crew and to find out even more about Carol. You know Carol…Carol, Carol.

James Stedman, writer

You know Carol…premieres Saturday 20th March 7.30pm on YouTube

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