Part of Queer Fringe,

Sunday 30th August 2020

As part of Queer Fringe 2020 in collaboration with LGBT Health and Wellbeing and Somewhere at the Fringe, this is a part-scripted, part-improvised piece performed over Zoom which explores class, sexuality and belonging.

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Reception for Remy

  • "This is so compelling.."

  • "loved it"

  • "Full of heart"

  • "v talented"

  • "The most clever use of zoom I’ve seen in a performance :D"

  • "so captivating and moving <3"

  • "this is amazing. emotional. thank you."

  • "amazing James that was so good!!"

  • "Excellent"

  • "Merci buckets"

  • "thank you so much James :)"

  • "Merci. Wonderful, James. Lots to hold and ponder."

  • "Thank you very much indeed, James -great work!"